And That's The Way It Was

It wasn't all better when you ran to Mom
And Father knows best how to build the bomb
It really was not her fault
The Midas touch turned them to salt
And she was counting hearts instead of change

I was hiding out in my room
When Dad was walking up on the moon
Walter told my Mom exactly what went wrong
I guess if we knew how, we would have prayed

I have to say, I remember it that way
Though time does what it does
There's "no questions asked",
So now it has passed and that's the way it was

We shipped out for European air
Cause Dad had to wrestle with a hungry bear
I have no one to thank, but Father and his tank
I guess if we knew more we would have prayed

I sat watching as the planes touched down
And men stepped off and kissed the ground
Walter said we were through
So I knew it must be true
We were counting hearts instead of change

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Copyright 1996 Geoffrey Raines

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